What makes us the No.1?

Everybody knows that when it comes to the local newspaper industry, Panay News is not just the leader but a sustainable innovator as well. So it is not surprising for the company to rehash and constantly evolve through the decades.

Panay News is bent on redefining the course of the newspaper industry in the Visayas while strengthening its established bonds and forging new ties with other communities across the nation.

Unlike other newspapers in the region, Panay News has respected the needs of its readers – thus, the call for constant advancements for the benefit of both parties is being taken into consideration.

Redefining Panay News includes a variety of changes within the company. This 31-year-old business aims to increase and maintain its circulation; advertise the needs and wants of the Ilonggo community; and supports professional and personal endeavors of those behind the daily.

In addition, the commitment of Panay News of providing its audience with the quality news and interesting yet thought-provoking stories changes the local community’s outlook that a newspaper is not just a mere documentation of recorded events – it is a living material, almost an extended human organ that releases the energy for people to read, the drive for the youth to react, and the will for those in position to act on the issues presented before them.

Redefining the ins and outs of the local paper is not easy. But for Panay News, Visayas newspapering should not stop at its most excellent state. Panay News believes that realizing redefinition and maintaining if not exceeding excellence is a manner of consistency, an everyday habit. /PN


PANAY NEWS has a mission


THE FIRST copy of PANAY NEWS came off the press on April 7, 1981, 31 years ago to be exact. Time is so short such that without realizing it a decade has already passed with its consequential reverberating echo of man’s agonies, follies, joy’s and all sorts of mundane activities in this vale of tears.

PANAY NEWS has contributed a pinch to the historical perspective of the region in this country through its journalistic mission to inform, educate and entertain. This paper has not been remissed of its self-imposed concern in expanding the frontiers of press freedom that had been savagely murdered by the late dictator.

From its humble beginning – 2, 500 copies for its maiden issue – this paper has consistently aimed for bigger strides. The circulation grew by leaps and bounds through the years. It has now an average circulation of 30, 000 per issue on a twice weekly frequency!

Such spectacular growth   is attributed to the sustaining patronage of the reading public who sees the genuine ideals of the papers earnest desire to serve the community. As shown by the list of our dealers all over Western Visayas, the popularity of PANAY NEWS inevitably continues to enlarge with vigor and vim. There are now 560 outlets in the entire region selling PANAY NEWS. And the figure keeps on growing. What does this mean?

Well, this proves to all and sundry that an aggressive regional newspaper is just but acceptable. And the need to inform the people of what is right there in their immediate environs takes prior importance more than what concerns the other regions. Of course, for a paper to be patronize by the general public it has first to manifest its goodwill and dependability. Otherwise, it would not stay long in the most competitive market of newspaper business.

We say this because of the more than 36 local papers in the whole Region 6, only about four of them are doing well. One of the contributing factors responsible for these negative reports is the fact that many of our beloved countrymen have not yet metamorphosed from the archaic colonial mentality. They prefer to read national dailies and foreign magazines because they look down on the mental products of their immediate neighbors.

The odyssey of PANAY NEWS in the field of journalism is full of excitements.

The ubiquitous libel suits we are facing in many courts in the region have in fact emboldened us to fight for press freedom. We want the public to know the truth by calling a spade, and the consequence of which is only our own suffering. After all, the vast majority of the reading public is with us and only very few are saddened by our existence.

At this juncture, we wish to thank all of you, friends and foes, for making PANAY NEWS the most widely read regional paper today. May your tribes increase!




The Visayas which lies at the center of the Philippine Archipelago, is composed of different and unique regions, islands and provinces.

We envision bridging these regions and uniting its people in order to establish a single Visayan Community having a common aspiration for love of culture, environment and country.


To provide the Visayas region with accurate, credible, relevant, balanced and up-to-date news and information

To cater to the specific needs of readers inspired by our desire to offer genuine public service that comes from the heart.



IN THE BEGINNING WAS A GREAT VISION etched in the mind of one man who envisioned the rise of a regional daily newspaper.  That vision came true.

It has been 32 years since that “beginning” in 1981. Panay News has truly metamorphosed into the most widely-circulated regional daily in the Visayas.

DANNY G. FAJARDO – the man who envisioned all these – recalls that sometime in 1981, his wife Mary, who was then operating the first radio station in the province of antique (DYFJ), presented the idea of publishing a newspaper.

“Print and broadcast media should go hand in hand,” she reasoned.

Though he realized that he was about to gamble the little money he had earned from his non-life insurance business, his hunch was strong that regional journalism would somehow rear its ascendancy in due time.

With a little help from his better-half, relatives and friends, Fajardo launched the first weekly issue of Panay News on April 7, 1981.  It was like giving birth to a baby.  But the ‘’baby’’ was even more demanding and expensive.  After a year of operation, there was hardly enough money to subsidize the cost of the subsequent issues.  Local advertisements came in trickles.

Exacerbating the harsh situation was the prevailing environment during the Marcos regime when the exercise of journalism was a risky affair.  Adding to this was the built-in prejudice of the general public against the local papers.  Corrupt and abusive government officials including hoodlums in society were dangerous enemies of press freedom.

With its adversarial stance, Panay News became very controversial in the region.  As a result, the electricity of the Fajardo residence and repair shop was feloniously cut off by the management of the Antique Electric Cooperative. For almost five years, the Fajardo children literally burned candles in order to study their lessons until the court ordered the reconnection of their electricity.  A partial triumph of justice, sad to say, is oftentimes elusive in our country.

The sabotage forced Fajardo to stop his Transportation and Radio business.  Without compromising its stand on various issues, however, Panay News audaciously pursued its avowed mission to expand the frontiers of press freedom in this part of the country.  By this time, the increase in circulation and advertising revenue became an inspiration.

In 1988, after seven grueling years of break-even operations, Panay News acquired its printing machines. Later, it purchased state-of-the-art computer system and other modern equipments.



Panay News comprises a variety of quality news and interesting yet thought-provoking stories that changes the local community’s outlook at a newspaper that is, not just a mere documentation of recorded events but a living material, almost an extended human organ that releases the energy for people to read, the drive for the youth to react, and the will for those in position to act on the issues presented before them.

Panay News feature current events and issues that help Filipinos in their everyday decision makings.

We air two sides of political concerns, so that at the end of the day, the readers can make their choice.

Fearless as it is, Lapsus Calami, the most popular column in the paper features failures and broken promises of the leaders and influential people in the society but laud those who act as heroes for the masses. This courageous opinion of the paper becomes the voice of the people.

The business and leisure section opens a variety of opportunities thru its classified ads. Advertise your business to us, job vacancies, real estates, shipping guide etc. and reach the widest audience.

Relax and unwind. Exercise your mind and body and increase your knowledge with the latest health news and entertainment updates.

We also share tips on how to become happy eater in our dining page; help tourists explore the Philippines and give fellow Ilonggos the views of other places through our travel page and peep the latest technology and motoring guide.

Maintaining 32 pages every day, only Panay News has a Sunday issue (without combining the Saturday and Sunday) with the latest I’ Style section that showcases original designs and collections of promising Ilonggo young fashion designers.

The society page gives a glimpse on every Ilonggo happenings, endeavors and special events, enlightening them with different views and different sides of the stories.

For we believe that the youth is the hope of our nation, a special space is reserved for them as avenue for their creative minds in our youth and campus and literary page.

Our online edition of everyday news for Filipinos far away from their homes,, facebook and twitter accounts, drives our society to think and act. It serves as a catalyst for change.

For 32 years we witnessed, documented and became part of the history. We survived this long because we earned the respect of our readers. We will continue to conquer the years bravely for we are on the side of Truth.

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