• Metro Iloilo Water District, the sole water distributor in Iloilo City, is taking steps toward privatization. (From left) Metro Iloilo Bulk Water Supply Corp. general manager Rolex Jodieres Jr., Metro Iloilo Water District's general manager Imelda Magsuci and joint venture selections committee chairman Arnold Laurente answer queries from the press. GLENDA SOLOGASTOA/PN

    This boy does his school assignment on the sidewalk in downtown Iloilo City beside his mother (not shown) who is a sidewalk vendor. Students with diligence don't give up when they encounter a hurdle; instead, they find a way to overcome obstacles that appear to stand in the way. JOSELITO VILLASIS/PN

    Umbrellas come in handy this rainy season, according to these students. They are in a hurry crossing the street in La Paz, Iloilo City. GUIJO DUEÑAS/PN

    For those with very limited space but want to venture into farming, it’s practical to use every available space, like in this photo, where herbs and vegetables are planted in the plot, dragon fruit plants growing on posts and lettuce in improvised bamboo racks. JULIO YAP JR./PN
  • This is Valeria Street, a one-way street in downtown Iloilo City. To solve traffic congestion, some quarters are suggesting that this be converted into a two-way street. Will this work? Does the Transportation Management and Traffic Regulation Office have enough personnel to man the area? DOL FAJARDO/PN
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