CSC-6 announces new SALN form

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ILOILO City – The new form of the Statement of Assets and Liabilities (SALN) is to be used in the filing of the 2012 SALN, stressed Regional Director Rodolfo Encajonado of the Civil Service Commission (CSC) Region 6.

CSC came up with the new form after holding a series of consultations with different national and local government agencies and employees’ groups.

According to Encajonado, the new form is simpler compared to the previous form which should have been used in the filing of the 2011 SALN but was deferred due to the request of various sectors in government.

CSC issued a revised SALN form and set of guidelines in July 2011. This was supposed to replace the 1994 SALN form. Among others, it required a listing of other sources of income (derived from the practice of a profession or business), income taxes paid the previous year, and amounts of one’s personal and family expenses.

In that form, there were so many requirements to fill up.

The new form is easier to fill up and one has simply to follow the corresponding  guidelines, Encajonado said.

The CSC plans to conduct a series of half-day orientations for national and local government agencies towards the end of February and March to ensure its compliance and the correct filing up of the form.

Encajonado also emphasized that non-compliance would have administrative sanctions.

The first offense would mean suspension from one to six months. The second offense would mean dismissal from service.

Heads of offices are also enjoined to ensure compliance with the SALN.

Deadline for the filing of the SALN is April 30 but the CSC is encouraging government officials and employees to file before the deadline.

The new SALN form may be downloaded from the CSC website,, said Encajonado./PN