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WE are reiterating our offer to print the Comprehensive Perimeter Boundary Ordinance, which has already been signed by Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog of Iloilo City, for free.

The public is aware that this important piece of legislation will help solve our pestering traffic problem.

We called up the office of Councilor Plaridel Nava, main author of the ordinance, telling him that Panay News or Hublas nga Kamatuoran will print it free of charge.

We volunteered to free the city from financial burden because it was reported there was no budget for the printing.

In fact, it was Councilor Ed Peñaredondo who said many times that the city did not even have money to pay its telephone and electricity bills.

But after we offered the free publication, the mayor immediately announced that the city had actually money for it.

If in case the city would print it and pay the publication cost to any newspaper publisher, the officials concerned can be charged before the Office of the Ombudsman for spending money at the prejudice and disadvantage of the government and for violating Republic Act 6713.

This case might be the initial assignment of the new city legal officer, dynamic lawyer Dan Dinopol.


POPULAR lawyer Nards Jiz, who is not yet elevated to the level of international lawyer of note, celebrated his birthday yesterday, September 23.

The successful lawyer, who has been tested and weighed, and proven to be not wanting, not deficient and not insufficient, is already in his 60s.

But he is much younger than his biological age – and stronger.  What is his secret?

We are sure that it is his loving and caring wife Inday Evelyn that immensely gives Nards enough vital elements of physical, moral and emotional strength so as to prolong his ageing process.

In a nutshell, it is that womanly, tender loving care of Inday Evelyn that largely defies the onslaught of physical wear and tear of her husband.

Our congratulations, lawyer Nards Jiz. And may you have more years to live in this vale of tears.


GOVERNOR Boy Ex Javier of Antique has been indicted by the Commission on Elections (Comelec) for allegedly violating Section 261 of the Omnibus Election Code.

The law prohibits the suspension of elective officials during the election period.

Gov. Boy Ex issued an order suspending Mayor Joyce Roquero of Valderrama for 90 days on January 23, 2013. The election period was from January 13 to June 12, 2013.

Gov. Boy Ex’s defense is that he acted in accordance with the Local Government Code which empowered him to discipline local officials, and there are cases decided by the Supreme Court that governors have the authority to suspend mayors.

The point here is that Gov. Boy Ex was only acting on a Provincial Board (PB) resolution suspending the mayor. It was the PB who heard and decided the case. For not implementing the decision of the PB, Javier could be charged with dereliction of duty.

Granting that the Regional Trial Court would listen to the Comelec, this case will take many years because Javier can still fight it out up to the Supreme Court. And within that period, many things can happen.


DURING his nine years as congressman of the 4th District of Iloilo, Ferj Biron never surrendered to pecuniary temptation by giving his pork barrel allocations to fake non-government organizations (NGOs).

He resisted the glare of money and successfully fought the forces of evil.

Very few people, rich and poor, have this adorable quality of self-control and strong moral fiber.

One big reason why Ferj was able to resist the power of temptation is because he is earning much money through clean and honest living.

The young man is a multi-billionaire already. He has no reason to steal. But perhaps one of his good reasons for not committing graft and corruption is that he is afraid he might lose his soul.

“For what benefit will it be to a man even if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?” (Matt. 16:26)


MAYOR Kalay Alonsabe of Alimodian, Iloilo won because he was candid and honest to the people.

He refused to tell lies and commit deception.

He candidly told the voters in his place that he is a member of the hermaphrodite sector.

“Agi ako iya. Pero indi ako makawat (I am a gay but I am not a thief),” he told the people.

His frankness and mental honesty earned the goodwill and confidence of the people, and he triumphantly won over his opponent.

Because of his unrelenting campaign against illegal drugs, he is the object of threats from drug syndicates.

We salute people like Mayor Kalay who are frank and honest.

After all, hermaphroditism could not be blamed on a person concerned, but maybe to faulty sexual osmosis during copulation.

Such matter is not an issue to seriously consider as gays are widely recognized and respected all over the world.

Why should we get mad if people call us agî or gay?

And why should we hide our biological status?

For being honestly frank, Mayor Kalay has a clear conscience.


1) INDAY KATHLEEN Espina-Ynion, beauteous and loving wife of Rommel Ynion, has well-meaning, influential and powerful friends in many parts of the world.

She goes to places like Hawaii, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, US, France, London, Italy and Switzerland, to name a few places, meeting with her faithful and loyal friends

Quite intelligent, Inday Kathleen belongs to a political clan in Cebu.

2) ERIC TALBALDO, Land Transportation Office regional director in Southern Tagalog, has a very big area of responsibility. Still young and dynamic, Eric has a bright future. He has blood relatives from Antique like the Eliquins of San Jose.

3) CECIL, popular lady employed with the Iloilo Provincial Capitol’s engineering office, is on leave after she was allegedly involved in a sham delivery of gravel and sand. She allowed government equipment to deliver the item which was supposed to be undertaken by a contractor of a project.

She is now in hot water. Gov. Art is furiously mad at her.


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Please accept our high esteem and best wishes.