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EDITORIAL (Campaign versus illegal drugs)

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Campaign versus illegal drugs

IF we were to believe our authorities, the fight against illegal drugs is getting successful. They support their assertion with evidence of many arrests of suspected drug pushers and seizures of multimillion-peso worth of prohibited substances.

But despite the self-rated performance, which sounds a tune of victory over the prevalence of illegal drugs everywhere, the fact remains that illegal drug merchants, or merchants of death, are getting stronger and even powerful.

Drug lords remain untouchable. They are so powerful – and dangerous. Their lucrative business continues to proliferate and their area of coverage is becoming wider. All nooks and corners of the country have become their fertile territories.

In Iloilo City, for instance, authorities know who these merchants of death are. They have identified them. But they are helpless against them.

It is common knowledge that many of our officials are in the payroll of drugs lords. It is because of this sad reality that the business of illegal drugs will continue to flourish. And there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel.